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Betvisa protects the personal data of its users and takes care that they are not distributed to third parties. This is helped by the privacy policy, which is a very important part of the company’s terms and conditions.

This policy is necessary so that users are aware of why their personal information is collected and how it is used. By registering on the Betvisa platform, users confirm that they agree to the terms of the privacy policy.

If any changes are made to the privacy policy, each user will be notified about it. In order not to miss any updates, it is recommended to regularly review the privacy policy.

Collecting of information

The Company does not collect your personal information without your knowledge. The collection of your data is necessary in order to identify your identity and make sure that your account is not used by third parties.

When registering on the website or using the company’s services, you may be asked for the following information:

  • first and last name;

  • date of birth;

  • email address;

  • phone number;

  • physical address.

In addition, data such as transaction histories, payment information, and service reviews are also collected. This information is necessary to provide users with really high-quality services.

Means Of Collecting And Processing Data

User data may be automatically collected by the company if they provide personal information through any service on the Betvisa website. In addition, information can be collected through online sellers, service providers, and third-party e-commerce services. All information will be used only by the privacy policy.

Information Use

Users’ personal information is used to maintain the stable operation of the company’s services. For example, the collected data is used to ensure user participation in promotions, perform security checks, process any transactions, and so on. This means that the personal data of the players can be transferred to the partners of the Betvisa company. 

In addition to the above, the information can also be used to provide players with:

  • Advertising and information about any of the company’s products;

  • Promotional offers and information about the products of the company’s partners. 

Sometimes information may be requested from users during their participation in any surveys or contests on the site. Such information can be Names. addresses, phone numbers of users, or any other contact or demographic information. Participation in such surveys is absolutely voluntary and users can opt out. 

If a player receives any prize after participating in such surveys or contests, he agrees to use his name to advertise the company.


Certain Excluded Disclosures

There are situations when users’ personal information may be disclosed. For example, a company can do this if it is required by law or if it is necessary for:

  • compliance with any legal procedures concerning the company;

  • protection of the company’s property or rights;

  • protecting the security of the company’s products, any services or services;

  • research for the prevention of drug addiction (in this case, the data will be anonymous and will be transferred only to the relevant authorities).



Each user has the right to opt-out of the promotional mailing list and not receive messages from the company. This can be done through the account settings or by sending a message to the support service.

You can also contact the company if:

  • You feel the need to confirm the veracity of your data;

  • You want to update or change your personal information;

  • If you have any complaints or objections about the use of your personal information.

Consent To Use Of Electronic Service Providers

Each user consents to the use of his personal data for processing transactions. Betvisa takes steps to protect your personal information when it deals with payment systems.

Consent To Security Review

The Company reserves the right to conduct security checks at its discretion and at any time. If you use the company’s services, it means that you agree to the use of your data in order to prevent any violations of the terms and conditions. In addition, you also agree to provide any information requested by the company.


For each user, the security of his data is extremely important. Betvisa uses encryption and special protection of the database where players’ personal information is stored. Moreover, the company ensures that all partners and subsidiaries also apply all necessary security measures.


Protection Of Minors

By registering on the platform, you confirm that you are of legal age. Persons under 18 years of age are prohibited from using any of the company’s products. The company has a policy aimed at detecting attempts by minors to gain access to the company’s services. 

People under the age of 18 will be denied registration, or the account will be deleted after finding out the unacceptable age of the player.


International Transfers

Users’ personal information may be stored and processed in any country where the company has branches or agents. By using the company’s services, you consent to the transfer of data outside your country. At the same time, BetVisa provides players with complete confidentiality.



Please note that the company may store information on the devices from which the user enters the site. This data is contained in cookies. They are files in text format. In addition, the company also uses flash cookies. They store data when you visit the site. 

The use of such files is necessary to track the use of the company’s products. These files also help to improve and simplify the platform’s services.


Strictly necessary cookies

There are files that must be used. This is necessary to be able to use the features of the site and navigate through it. Without these files, the operation of web pages would be impossible.

  • During the registration process

During the registration process, cookies collect information about the user and help the system to provide the necessary services. Moreover, such files can be used to make the platform more user-oriented and satisfy their interests and preferences.

  • On our website

The following types of cookies are used on the platform:

  1. A ‘session-based’ cookie;

  2. A ‘persistent’ cookie;

  3. ‘Analytical’ cookies.

Third-Party Practices

The Company cannot ensure the protection and confidentiality of the data that users report to third parties. Any information collected by third parties or third-party sites is processed in accordance with the privacy policy of these sites.

Legal Disclaimer

The Company is not responsible for situations that may occur outside the company’s control. Business and technology are changing rapidly, and for this reason, Betvisa cannot guarantee customers that data privacy will be stable all the time. Thus, the platform is not responsible for accidental losses in connection with the disclosure of data.

Consent To Privacy Policy

If the player uses the company’s services, he confirms that he agrees with the current privacy policy. Each user is recommended to read this policy carefully. It is worth paying attention to the fact that it can be updated periodically. In this case, all customers will be notified about it. Their continued use of the company’s products means acceptance of the policy updates.

Other Websites

Betvisa’s website contains some links to third-party sites where the company’s privacy policy does not apply. When visiting such sites, users’ personal information may also be collected and used in accordance with another privacy policy. The Company is not responsible for this.

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